New Tie-dye Semitic Keffiyeh
- October 29, 2014

New-Semitic-Swag-TIEDYEWe have just launched the all new Tie-dye Semitic Keffiyeh.

The new version is bigger measuring 44×45″, 100% Cotton with blue Star of David center piece with a contrasting strips. A stylish way to express your Semitic pride, fusing iconic imagery with modern design.


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Shake It For Your Maker
- October 8, 2014

Shake It For Your Maker with Y-Love and Yuri Lane and be sure to catch Yuri Basho Lane on The Steve Harvey Show today!


Sarah Aroeste’s Chicka Morena (music video)
- September 12, 2014

American-born Sarah Aroeste continues to push the boundaries of contemporary Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) music by releasing a new pop-style video of an original Ladino song, “Chika Morena.” Off of Aroeste’s most recent Ladino album, Gracia, Chika Morena is an original song about the iconic Sephardic “morena” figure: the gypsy girl wandering the world in search of returning home. The video is produced and directed by Erez Safar and Bancs Media.


The ‘Pre-Game’ Review
- August 24, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.42.58 PM“There has been a wave of great new producers coming up because of the power of fans, and the internet. Composers have the ability to reach to many with just a beat, and the digital age is only growing. We have to say when talking about a independent up-coming producers, Diwon is a name that must be mentioned in a catalog of other greats. With old school producers like J Dilla, to new school beat makers like Flying Lotus, we can compare him to some of the best in the game, but we feel like Diwon has the sound that is making a name and following of it’s own. His debut instrumental album “Pre-Game” sets the bar for producers across the globe.

Don’t you love those instrumental albums that could never get played out. “Pre-Game” is a true influential album in Hip Hop.” – IRB (read review here)



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Diwon’s Pre-Game (Instrumental Album & Trailer)
- August 20, 2014

Diwon-New-Game-PRe-GAMe900Before Diwon’s debut record “New Game,” there were the beats and pieces that brought his singles and full album to life. “Pre-Game” is a collection of never before heard instrumentals with Diwon shining a spotlight where his heart really lies; he is a true-school hip-hop head. DJ Booth called Diwon a “beatmaking buzzsmith,” and with the release of his instrumental album “Pre-Game” he keeps the focus on just that, taking you into his world of instrumental madness.

People talk about hip-hop going “post-regional,” but Diwon’s instrumentals are post-national. New York kicks and snares meet Turkish melisma against funky basslines and live guitars. This is the music you wish you heard on airplanes. It’s the producer as auteur, every track taking you through the emotional space of the artist, like Kanye or Godard.

Check out the all instrumental album at any of the following links:



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Mikey Pauker’s “Miracle of You” (official music video)
- August 6, 2014

How do you channel divine experience and Jewish mysticism to others, especially in a time of darkness and tragedy? For Mikey Pauker, one of the “Ten Stars Of New Jewish Music” in Time Magazine, the answer did not stop at yoga or Torah and Chassidic text study (which he practices daily). Instead, Pauker chose to share his spiritual love and light with the world through his message and music.

Pauker’s latest single and music video, “Miracle of You,” continues his journey of inspiring the world through the lyrics and music that he holds dear. The songs release could not have come at a better time, bringing some light and hope amidst the bombardment of dark and tragic news throughout the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Pauker says: “Over one thousand Israeli and Palestinians have died in this war in the past few weeks and with the rise of global anti-Semitism, not just in Israel, but also in France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and even America. I think releasing a video about the divinity of all people can persuade people to focus on the gift of living powerfully. I want my video to create inspiration for people to find divinity in themselves and remind them to take time for personal spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is the gateway to peace. When we come from a place of love and gratitude the possibilities are endless, our perceptions evolve and we can shift the the world around us.”

“Miracle of You” came about when Pauker’s father noticed that Mikey was inviting songwriters to collaborate and offered to co-write a song. Pauker was intrigued and curious to see what would come from that collaboration. After they had written the lyrics, he began to experiment playing it out live. A few months later, Pauker began work on his LP called “Extraordinary Love” with prolific hip-hop and rock producer, Diwon. The two were inspired by Jose Gonzalez, Bon Iver, and Arcade Fire. Pauker says: “Diwon created a world of sound from folk elements and expanded on his hip-hop forte by inventing a folk/hip-hop beat. He heard Hannah Emerson on a friend’s EP, and invited her in to lay down the track; she really understands how to lay down powerful vocal tracks. Diwon continued to surprise me by inviting some other world class musicians to play on the track including of of the founding members and songwriters from Moshav, Duvid Swirsky and violin virtuoso, Peter Lee Johnson.”

Catch Mikey Pauker performing at the NewCaje Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 12th at Sinai Temple with a handful of other artist including Doug Cotler, Rabbi Joe Black, Saul Kaye, Sue Horrowitz, and Kosha Dillz. Pauker plans to take a break from touring this fall to continue production on his next album and engage in spiritual study and practice. Pauker just accepted a pulpit position as artist in residence for two weekends a month at Temple Chai In Phoenix, Arizona followed by regional tours where he will be on the road for three weekends a month. Catch Mikey’s message, music, and “Extraordinary Love” in a city near you. In the meantime, check out his new music video “Miracle of You.”



IDF Soldier vs. Diwon & Kosha Dillz “No More War” (Drums of Peace)
- July 24, 2014

Diwon found this clip, last night, of an IDF Soldier banging a rhythm on an army tank. He made it into a beat, sent it to Kosha Dillz to lay down some verses and “No More War” (Drums of Peace) is what came of it. Let us know what you think in the youtube comments section!


IT IS WHAT IT ISRAEL (Fundraiser for Israel)
- July 22, 2014

itiswhatitis_poster_design_full_res3This Thursday, July 24th we will be hosting an event at our Studio Bancs space in support of Israel during this challenging time. All proceeds from the event will be donated to StandWithUs and AMIT to support our brothers and sisters in Israel.

The event is open to the public with a minimum $18.00 and suggested $36 and over donation. The entrance fee includes complimentary kosher food, drinks, and entertainment.There will be resources available for those who want to learn more about the current situation or what they can do to help


~ Wine sponsored by Shirah Wine (Shirah will be presenting a Pre-Release Mevushal wine under the new twin suns label)
~ OPEN SUSHI BAR (Sponsored by Meshuga 4 Sushi
* The Open Sushi Bar will run for the first hour of the event as supplies last (first come first serve).
~ The Kosher Palate Food Truck will be in the house and donating a portion of all sales to the fundraiser.
~ Kosher in the Kitch will provide tasty desserts as part of their on going pop up kitch charity series.

~ Distant Cousins
~ Automatic Toys 
~ Diwon 

July 24th
18 +
2643 S. Fairfax Ave
Culver City, CA 90232

THIS EVENT IS MADE POSSIBLE BY: Bancs Media, Studio Bancs, Stand with Us, AMIT, Meshuga4Sushi, Kosher in the Kitch, Shirah Wine, The Kosher Palate, Jenny Apple, Distant Cousins and Automatic Toys.

** audio primer for the event:


SHMOOLIK feat. SAADYA – Retour A Sion #RAS
- July 22, 2014

Participate in #RAS – Album Project at :

Their first single “Return To Zion” #RAS refers to the Promised Land, promises fulfilled, which are there for the world to benefit from according to a Divine plan. A plan that loves life, respect between men, justice and true peace. A positive message that brings an understanding that all that happen is for the good.

This plan talks about a people on his land, with the heart turned to heaven but also to others …
“Retour a Sion” is the result of precise work, which is only the first draft of a sensitive and musical approach but more importantly, the beginning of a great story … that of an album that wants to be born and whose heart beats already.

The creation of this album will depend in part on your active participation, and if you are seduced, will result in you being the first beneficiaries of its fruits. Shmoolik, Saadya and friends plan to go far in the demand for quality in the transmission strong messages, deep and timeless values, but above all, in love that integrates music and sharing.

Participez au #RAS – Ep Project sur :

“Retour A Sion” #RAS parle de Terre Promise, de promesses acquises pour que le monde en bénéficie selon le plan établi. Un plan qui n’aime que la vie, le respect, la justice et la paix : des messages positifs révélant que tout cela est pour le Bien de toute la création.

Ce plan porte un peuple sur sa terre, avec le coeur tourne vers le Ciel mais surtout vers autrui…
“Retour A Sion” est le fruit d’un travail minutieux, qui n’est que le premier jet d’une approche sensible et musicale et surtout le début d’une grande histoire… celle d’un album qui veut naitre et dont le coeur bat déjà.

La création de cet album dépendra donc en partie de votre concours actif et, s’il vous séduit, vous en serez les premiers bénéficiaires car Shmoolik, Saadya et leurs amis projettent d’aller loin dans l’exigence de la qualité, dans la transmission de messages forts, de valeurs sûres et intemporelles, mais avant tout, dans l’amour intègre de la musique et du partage.

Participez au “#RAS – Ep Project” sur :

Available on iTunes :


- July 14, 2014

New-Semitic-Swag3Introducing the 3.0 version of the epic Semitic Keffiyeh! The new version is bigger measuring 44×45″, 100% Cotton with a contrasting strips and the Star of David throughout. A tonal rendition of the keffiyeh is a subtle stylish way to express your Semitic pride. The latest version comes in your choice of our original Blue and White with stylish matching grey lines around the other edges and a white and beige color which is the perfect accent accessory for most any wardrobe.






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