New Products In The Store Now!
- July 8, 2015

New-Semitic-Swag3A new shipment of goodies has just arrived, new ‘Am Yisrael Chai’ keffiyehs in their original blue and white as well as our beige colorway, Am Yisrael Chai bracelets in blue and white as well as black and white and some new t-shirts, check it out now, in the shop!


Jews, Rock and Roll
- May 17, 2015

jews3-250x250Check out this new site we, at Bancs Media, made for our good friend, Michael Dorf. It’s called Jews, Rock and Roll, a traveling Pop Up Museum and it will tour as a traveling exhibit for traditional museums, exhibition spaces, and “Pop-up Museums” in short-term storefront rentals in 10 to 15 cities across North America. Over 500,000 people will see the 5,000 sq. ft. exhibit over two-three years. The exhibit is organized, around five specific eras: The Rise of the American, The Rise of the Teenager, The Rise of Counter Culture, The Rise of Record Industry, The Rise of the Post Modern/Ethnic American.

The exhibit tells the story of Jews in America, illustrating the history and influence of Jews in popular music from the 1930’s to today’s pop stars. This exhibit explores how a small group of immigrants had such a significant and positive influence in shaping American pop culture.

If you’re in NY on May 26th go check out their launch event! Tickets here.



What do you think about fame?
- May 17, 2015

300x300-250x250Our homie Matisyahu​ on reddit​:
Question: What do you think about fame?
His Answer: It is a slippery snake. It feels amazing to be known, to be noticed, to be loved. It is a drug like none other especially for someone who feels unloved or anonymous. In my life I’ve felt that I stood out many times but I’ve also felt very anonymous at times and alone. There was a feeling that If people know you and love you, you will be whole. This is true to some extent but it is not in the quantity of people but the quality of there love. ie if you are understood and loved and important to even one person that can make you feel more whole then being “known” by millions. blessed love


Natalie Portman films a movie in her first language…Hebrew
- May 17, 2015

Natalie was born in Israel and didn’t move to the U.S. until she was 3 years old, who could have predicted that she would film a movie in Hebrew after such a successful career in English.


Koshachella T-Shirts Are In!
- April 2, 2015

koshablueYes! The Koshachella T-Shirts in PINK, BLUE and WHITE are in! Order yours now in the store, here.


The Colored Keffiyehs are Back!
- March 27, 2015

Semitic Purple GirlBack by popular demand, the Semitic Keffiyeh’s in green, purple and red! This new version is bigger measuring 44×45″, 100% Cotton with blue Star of David center piece with a contrasting gray strips. A stylish way to express your Semitic pride, fusing iconic imagery with modern design.


Passover Volume One is Free(dom)
- March 26, 2015

Passover Volume One is Free(dom) and just in time for Passover, you can feel the freedom with a little help from our friends.This all-star album explores freedom on all levels – from Y-Love & Yuri Lane’s accapella and beat box tracks, to Darshan’s rap, “I new this one kid, from back in the day….” to Mikey Pauker bringing ‘The Light” and the more contemplative ‘So Decide’ by Shtar and of course ‘Avadim Hayinu’ (We were once slaves) by Vokcal. Songs on this free compilation mix traditional sources with modern sounds and stories.



“SoulSpark” (An Evening with Jewish Songwriters)
- March 24, 2015

SoulSpark-Concert-3.28.15.webThis Saturday night in LA, Merkava Mentors Presents:

“SoulSpark” (An Evening with Jewish Songwriters)

Featuring: Todd Kessler, Molly Williams, Chanie Kravitz, Dov Rosenblatt, and Mikey Pauker

Join us at ‘Soul Spark,’ An Evening with Jewish Songwriters! We are building sacred pluralistic space in the heart of Hollywood at Room 5 Lounge while bringing together young professionals in the Jewish community for a night of great music, food, and friends. As we end Shabbat and share Havdallah together and communally celebrate the beginning of the new week we honor our ability to transform the world around us through song and story. The roster includes some of the Jewish music’s most popular songwriters: Todd Kessler (Chicago), Molly Williams (Los Angeles) Mikey Pauker (Oakland) Chanie Kravitz (LA), and Dov Rosenblatt (Los Angeles).

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors: Merkava Mentors, Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, Jewish National Fund, Shabbat Tent, Shemspeed and Bancs Media.

Saturday March 28th, $12, 21+



Soul Spark hits SXSW
- March 10, 2015

soulsThere will be a slew of great Jewish musicians hitting stages all over SXSW this year. Just check out Kosha Dillz opening up for NAS or the official showcase with SoCalled and Diwon’s soul/rock/hiphop group, Dreams in Static. However, one especially Jewish selection this year is ‘Soul Spark,’ A Jewish Songwriters Showcase. Soul Spark will be building sacred pluralistic space in the heart of Austin at Genuine Joe’s Coffee Shop during South By Southwest Music Festival while bringing together the Austin Jewish community for an afternoon of inspirational music,food and friends. SXSW music festival is an environment where creatives can come together and share ground breaking art and expression through music, social media and film. SoulSpark is holding space for the Jewish community to celebrate the diversity of contemporary Jewish music.

Showcase 1:
Zale, Sheldon Low, Robbi Sherwin, Sammy Rosenbaum

Showcase 2:
Kosha Dillz, Happie Hoffman, Eric Hunker, Mikey Pauker

Check out the Facebook event at facebook.com/events/647707585355763/

And check out www.bancsmedia.com/sxsw for some other interesting showcases that will also feature Mikey Pauker, Kosha Dillz and Dreams in Static.


Win Tickets to Moshav’s NYC Show at the Highline Ballroom
- February 25, 2015

Moshav-Highine2Moshav will be headed back to NYC to perform at the Highline Ballroom with Soulfarm and Niv Kaikov on March 12th. 

Congrats to Nava Wilk who won two tickets to our upcoming NYC show!! 

There are still a couple ways to win FREE TICKETS!

1. Make a funny video related to Moshav or a video of you or a friend covering a Moshav song, upload/link it to Moshav’s Facebook page and the Facebook event and tag @Moshav. The winning submission will receive two tickets to the show, Moshav’s double album and a t-shirt!

2. Simply share the event, and tag @Moshav in the status to win FREE TICKETS! 
Event to share: http://on.fb.me/1ydeASs

Looking forward to seeing you there (come hungry, as there will be kosher food that night!)


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